Question Mark developed The RIGHT Programme  to deliver strategic support and upskilling to chairs of Church schools.

The programme can consist of up to four elements which come together to support chairs of governing bodies:

·      A fascinating 'pack of cards' for chairs – which bring together the very best insights into

       surviving, growing and thriving as a chair of governors

·     A web site – on key issues, from diocesan professionals

·     An events network – for chairs to share expertise and hear from national specialists          

·     A safe space - to ask, to learn and to debate together

· At the level of a diocese, the RIGHT Programme takes the form of a network using all four elements.

It does that now within the Dioceses of Oxford and Chichester, for whom RIGHT is the backbone of their chairs development work. Their version of RIGHT is fully customised for them by QM, and QM assists in creating and running the RIGHT network events, attracting notable contributors including Lord Alex Carlile and Baroness Estelle Morris.

· At the level of an individual chair of governors, the RIGHT Programme takes the form of a short workshop.

For QM's RIGHT Programme workshop information, just click here

The discussion-based workshop takes up to three hours, which can be delivered in two short  sessions.

That can be for a single chair of governors who just needs some support, or for a small group of chairs and vice chairs, who want some really valuable strategies and tips for running a better governing body (and having less stress in the process).

The content isn't a depressing list of things for chairs to do – there are many courses which provide that. Instead, this is a much deeper, more foundational workshop, which addresses not the 'what' but the 'why' and the 'how' of chairing a governing body. It’ll change the way you see the role, for the better.

The RIGHT Programme is in use by two of England's largest dioceses (Oxford and Chichester), and it forms the basis of their development programme for chairs of their school governing bodies.

These workshops are a transformative experience for chairs of governors who want to get beyond an endless list of things to do, and towards a much more strategic way of approaching them.

For QM's RIGHT Programme workshop information, just click here