Question Mark developed Thinking Governance - the Church of England's national strategic governance resource for its 4700 schools.

It aims to help governors get a firm grip on that most elusive and complex of issues – strategic vision for their school.

Having done that, the programme then helps to take that strategic vision and ground it in the reality of the school's development plan. That's one of the issues which inspections most often comment on as being under-developed by governors.

TG has four modules, which take around 90 minutes each to complete. Together, they take a governing body or a MAT Board from developing a radical new strategic vision for their school(s) to understanding how to implement that new vision.

It's unlike anything else available, and the Church of England makes it available free of charge at:

Thinking Governance

To get the best out of it though, Question Mark offers two workshop options (as Mark wrote Thinking Governance, he's best placed to help you get the very most out of the programme!).

The available workshops with Mark are:

· Thinking Governance – overview (2 hours)

This workshop (ideally suited to school governing bodies, MAT Boards or Diocesan staff teams) gives an overview of Thinking Governance and the very significant strategic gains it offers. On completing the workshop, you and your team will be well-placed to run the Thinking Governance programme for yourselves or for others.

· Thinking Governance – full programme (6 hours)

Available as a full day, or as two evening sessions, in this interactive workshop Mark will take you through the whole Thinking Governance programme, with the content fully customised for your situation. At the end of the workshop, you'll have gained all the insights the full TG programme offers, as well as having developed (as a team) a brand new strategic plan for your school governing body (or Board, in the case of a MAT, for which QM offers a specially-customised version).